Our courses are renowned throughout UK and Middle East as one of the best preparation courses for the FRCR. The courses are led by experienced radiologists. All our courses are fully inclusive. We strive to match the exact format of the Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) examination in order for delegates to experience the pressure of performing in exam conditions. combined with non-threatening, constructive, and friendly feedback. More recently we have been early adopters of Horos Apple® technology and we are therefore experienced in delivering all components of the exam in a digital format. Delegates have ample opportunity to practice and undertake reporting on individual workstations as used in the RCR exam. Viva examinations are conducted with two examiners per delegate and time is provided for feedback after each session. The fee for each course is inclusive of meals and refreshments

Our Course is well organized course with excellent range of Vivas Osirix based cases. Test- like experience Reporting and rapids packets
The course instructors will provide one-to-one feedback to each candidate and a plan to tackles the exam and work upon week points and enhance training.


The Rapid Reporting:

The Course provide a wide variety of RR Packets covering nearly all kinds if varieties that can shows in the exam with a bit harder packets to fully prepare the candidates and train their observation senses, the Packets are carefully marked and feedback to the candidates.

The Long reporting:

The course provided around 60 cases of long reporting cases similar to what they will face in the exam, the cases are well prepared by experienced radiologists and ex examiners they are carefully timed to simulate the exam and marked with feedback.

The Viva session:

Each candidate will undergo 8 viva session simulating the exam showing wide variety of cases well prepared to simulate the exam , they are carefully timed and marked by our UK consultants following the exam marking system set by the RCR.


Viva, RR and LR exam tackling and explanation

Normal looking Chest X-ray, what to expect?

Neuro cases ticks and tricks

Review of all fractures

Patient management and referral routes

Lines and tubes


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